Don’t trust easily, be careful of Sweet Talkers

Don’t believe anything you hear and only 50 percent of what you see. Then you will only be disappointed 50 percent of the time.” Trust is an interesting word. A huge concept wrapped up in few letters.

Trust is the foundation of all human connections, from chance encounters to friendships and intimate relationships. It governs all the interactions we have with each other. No one would drive a car or walk down a sidewalk, or board a train or an aeroplane if we didn’t “trust” that other people took their responsibilities seriously, and would obey whatever rules applied to the work at hand. We trust that other drivers will stay in their lanes, that conductors and pilots will be sober and alert.

Yes, you could trust people easily if we lived in a hypothetical world where you knew there were unicorns, rainbows and people who were 200% reliable. But the reality is, the world is not wired that way. It is an absolutely crazy mix of all kinds of people. So you need to tread carefully.

Be cautious, do your research, consider your risks and choose your relationships carefully. Being guarded about whom you trust works in all situations such as money, whom to provide the information you would not want to be shared.

Trust and sweet talkers
Trust and sweet talkers

Another story which shows how one who claims to be your friend can take you for ride

Don't trust anyone with your business or your finances
Don’t trust anyone with your business or your finances

Images: Economic Times

Have you trusted someone and then your trust was broken?

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