Game : Match Name to the Language on Indian Note

India banknote has the amount written in 17 languages. On the obverse or front, the value of Note is written in English and Hindi. On the reverse of Note is a language panel which shows the denomination of the note in 15 of the 22 official languages of India. Let’s try to see if you can identify the name of language on the reverse of 2000 Rs note. In the Game below drag the name of the language to its correct position on the Note.

There is no national language as declared by the Constitution of India. The Constitution of India designates the official language of the Government of India as Hindi and English. States within India have the liberty and powers to specify their own official language(s) through legislation and therefore there are 22 officially recognized languages in India of which Hindi is the most used. Our article The National and Official Languages of India: Hindi, English, Banknotes explains it in detail.

Languages on Indian Bank Note
Languages on Indian Bank Note

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