Don’t just dream about your success Act on it too

We all want Success. We all dream of success. We all think of success. But, not all of us work hard for it. That’s why our dream of success, continues to be just a dream. The following image below tells that just dreaming about success is not sufficient you need to work on it too. Then we go through the story of Shekhchilli, the famous dreamer. And we talk about How to work for your success?

Dreaming about success does not help you must act on your dreams
Dreaming about success does not help you must act on your dreams

Sheikh Chilli, the daydreamer

Sheikh Chilli was always engrossed in his thoughts. He used to dream even during the day. That was the reason no one ever gave him any employment. He somehow used to pass his time idling here and there.

Once he was sitting on the side wall of the road, that a merchant with a huge pot of oil came to him and straight away said, “Will you please carry my this pot to the market, I will give you five rupees for the job.” Sheikh Chilli found the deal profitable and agreed. He picked the pot and walked with the merchant. On the way he thought, when the merchant will give me five rupees, I will buy eggs with them. Then I will hatch those eggs. Chickens will come out of them. When they will grow, they will be hens and cocks. Hens will lay more eggs. I will hatch them all, then I will have plenty of poultry. Then I will sell them all and will purchase the goats. The goats will deliver lambs and then in due course, I will have a number of goats. Then I will sell them all and instead will purchase cows. I will sell cows milk and thus will earn a lot of money.

When I become rich, I will get married. Then I will have children. They will grow and then I will admit them in schools. But I will not let them become spend-thrift. If he asked money for the Icecream, I will say, No. Sheikh Chilli shook his head, and the pot of oil fell on the ground and got broken. The merchant was much annoyed and said, “You fool, you have put me to a very heavy loss.” To this Sheikh Chilli replied, Sir yours only the pot of oil has broken, whereas my whole family life has been shattered.!

What is Success? How to Achieve Success

Decide what does success mean to you? Is it to crack IIT exam, or NEET exam, reach the top position in your organization, is it to run a successful business, or becoming a cricketer or top coder, you need to plan your way up to the top. You cannot go about it haphazardly and think that you’ll stumble upon success automatically. You need to decide what you want and then plan your way up to the top.

Success does not stop by. It does not seek you. You have to work for it. Taking that first step towards what you aspire to achieve is the hardest. But, yes once you cross it things start to feel a lot better and easier. If you dare to dream big, you must start small. As they say, Rome was not built in a day

No matter it is your personal life or professional, planning is an integral step. Once you have defined success in your terms, then it is time to work for it! As they say, failing to plan means you are planning to fail.

The simplest way to become the best is to love what you are doing.

We all make mistakes in life. Some big, some small but there is a lesson to learn from all of them. If you fail to rectify the mistakes you’ve made the first time, you can never move on to the next step. And, success is all about moving up the ladder towards where you want to end up – your ultimate goal.

Don’t give up! The path of success is tough, that’s why it is less travelled.

Many start with determination to cross the entire path and reach the castle of success, but give up in the middle of their journey looking at the hard obstacles. But, those who have the will to never give in, and pick themselves up every time failures come in their way, are the ones who are able to taste success.

So, whenever things start to go south, remember nothing worth having comes easy. Just head up, stay strong and move on!


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